SA Hip Hop new Museum reportedly loses over R3.5 million to criminals

South African Hip Hop museum which was newly invented in 2019 has been destroyed after a break in.

The loss of the museum is estimated to be over R3.5 million, while R2.6 million was spent raising the structure.

Rashid Kay whos is one of the inventors of the structure confirmed the heartbreaking incident.

“Inside the South African Hip Hop Museum, we can’t wait to show you guys the space, your kids kids kids will be coming here to learn about the history,” read the announcement of its opening inscribed by the Osmic Menoe who used his money to put it into reality.

The prestigious site honoured the legends like Stogie T, Proverb and HHP.

Everything in the Johannesburg , Newton based museum was destroyed, and Rashid said the criminals will get what they deserve.

“A setback is not a failure. Criminals will get what they deserve,” he tweeted.

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